Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Come to think of it.....

Last time 
when I had more friends,
I don't know who's true nor who's fake.

 Any friends around you can betray you,
and you won't even knew that 
they done it.

When I don't like a person,
I use to write in FACEBOOK but
never mention his/her name.
I just kept it as anonymous 

Now, I think that writing into Facebook 
makes you so EMO....

I saw some girls use to write
bad things about the person THEY hate.
and continuously..
..Day by Day ..

I though THEY hate he/she so MUCHHHHHHH.
but why, write about he/she every single day !?
Are you tooo freee!?
Don't chaa feel BORED !?

You're just wasting your time babe!
Don't tell me that YOU love the person you hate?

What a FUNNY joke you are talking about.

Now. Come to think of it.
it's so immature~
Not childish,
Cause everybody is childish.
Even I am Childish.
just immature~

Me too,
use to write somethings like that sometimes,
Did I just said SOMETIMES? xD

" Why AR? , WHy I Do This AR? "

So I decided to write it in my blog
But not in Facebook,
Cause I don't want to FACE the BOOK xD.
To girls especially from our school.
You guys use to do things like that.
Without using your cute little brain .:D

and it's FUNNY.

Why do you choose being EMO-ish than 
having a more Happier life?
Or you want to get older faster

Being EMO-ish is not the concept of
 being a HUMAN BEING.

Think another way, 
not giving yourself NEGATIVE THINKING~
That's so DUMB!
I mean it~

Think Positive~
and Be more a Lover then a Hater.
Not all hater will be Haters~

You can change it.
If you change yourself to become a better person.
Easy to forgive other people,
Giving and loving.

That will makes the world more peaceful.