Monday, October 03, 2011

This is what I call...

Stupid or Smart ?

Treating a Friend cold,
Doing things you think that it's right to your friend,
Did you ask your friend 
what do they think ?

If you're right, 
They will think that you're smart.
 But if they don't ?

No hard feelings.
Cause it's true.


Stay Moody Or Stay Happy ?
For me I prefer to stay Happy, 
rather then stay Moody.
Being Moody makes 
everybody beside you Moody.

So why should you ?

Being Happy Makes everybody Happy
No matter what,
With a Laugh ? With a Joke?
Just anything, 
People just smile,
That's all.


After your heart is broken, 
giving other people a Fake smile ?


Are you stupid ?
The smile you're giving is too fake,
If you aren't Happy.
No one force you to smile.

If you're thinking to be moody.
It's ok. 
But Don't Stay Moody.

Why Can't you act like yourself like you always do?
After your heart broken you're still human.
Nothing can changes you,
For being you.


Giving up on everything ?

What you can do for you own life ?
That's it ?

You should get a LIFE  MAN !


Hating other people talking about you 
behind your back ?
Don't care about them.
They talk about you behind your back
It means my life is obviously more interesting than Theirs.

No ones Life SUCKS.
You are the Director of your Life.
You can make it SPECIAL. :) 

END :)