Thursday, October 06, 2011

Why am I so soft-hearted

My friend,
It seems that you been through some 
I can See that
you're alone.

You may think of things.
like some Stupid things you did in the pass.
How you treat your friends in the pass.
and regret doing it now.

 I should Laugh at you 
and say " WHAT A STUPID FOOL "
" Whats Comes Around Goes Around LOSER "

But I'm not those kind of person.

You may Think that I should hate you.
 I Do hate you at first.
Than I don't cause you're still Human
and I'm still human.
Human should be Friends.

I should Thank you in way.
Because of you .
I found my REAL TRUE friends.

So I doesn't blame you.

Now you will Slowly find.
Don't worry.

They Is people Supporting you
behind you.
Including me.

I'm Still the friend of yours.
If you need someone to talk to
you can just add me back.

Takecare My friend.